The art of running

Running is the most natural form of sport. By focusing solely on speed, many people may not consider running a good fit for them. By shifting this focus to creating fun shapes, I hope to motivate non-active people to start running or hiking and runners to slow down and enjoy their long(-er) runs. Enjoy the inspiration below and check out the routes you can run or hike yourself.

RunGo x Hilton partnership

I was asked by RunGo to help with some GPS art routes for the Hilton running program. This resulted in the video below that is shown in the lobby of participating properties.

Fundraising for cancer research

I ran a 23KM GPS art cat to raise money for cancer research for pets. Check the video below (dutch) and please make a donation via the link below if you care about animals / pets:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch via